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Inverter Tig Welding Machines/DC Tig/Argon Welder


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Inverter Tig Welding machine (PST180)
Item Unit PST 180
Supply V 180-250
Phase Ph 1
Frequency Hz 50-60
Min Current A 10
Max Current A 180
OCV V 90
Duty Cycle % 60
Pulse Frequency Hz 1-15
Weight Kg 13
  DC Output

Inverter Tig Welding machine (PST180)

Tig Torch
3 Meter Welding Cable With Holder
2 Meter Earth Lead With Earth Clamp
Auto Parts
Showroom Items
SS Door Windows And Railing
Dyeing and Hosiery Machinery
Maintenance Work
On Site Work
Hard Facing or Any Kind of Special Electrode Made For Rectifier
Salient Features:
Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology
Low Power Consumption and High Efficiency
Spatter Free Smooth Arc
Hot Start Adjustable
Light Weight and Portable
Wide Supply Voltage Range
Suitable for 2.5 & 3.15 mm Electrodes
Under Volt, Over Volt and Thermally Protected
HF Arc Starting, Pulse Control
Adjustable Pulse Frequency
Compatible For Welding Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper & Titanium
Synonym : Inverter Tig Welding Machine, Industrial Inverter Tig Welder, Inverter Tig Arc Welding Rectifier, Portable Tig Welder, Light Weight Tig Welder, Small Argon Welder, Argon Helium Tig, H.F. Start Tig Welder, High Frequency HF Ignitior Start, 160 Ampere, 180 Ampere, 200 Ampere Gas Tungsten Arc Welder, Heavy Duty Tig Welder.

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